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Periodical: The Balance

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Balance, The.
Devoted to Monistic Philosophy and Advanced Thought / An Exponent of the New Psychology / A Magazine of Inspiration. An able exponent of New Psychology, Monastic Philosophy and Advanced Thought / A Monthly Exponent of Higher Ideals, Monistic Philosophy and Advanced thought. Choice Literature for Thinking People.
Thou are weighed in the balances, and art found wanting--Daniel, 5:27
Other titles: Balance Magazine
1905--1910? Monthly
Denver, CO. Publisher: Balance Publishing Co. Editor: J. Howard Cashmere, editor and publisher; Mrs. Olive A. Killin, editor and publisher; Prof. J.H. Cashmere, associate editor.
1/1, October 1905. 50 cents, then $1.00 a year, 32-40 pp.

The advertisement for this in The Life, December 1905, says that it "is an exponent of Psychic Phenomena, Monistic Philosophy and Advanced Thought," and the same journal for January 1907, says it is "Devoted to Masonic [Monistic] Philosophy and Advanced Thought." Advertised in The Mountain Pine, 1907 and 1908, and in The Swastika, 1907 on. The advertisement for the journal in Segnogram, October 1906, calls it "a unique monthly magazine, presenting Higher Ideals, the New Psychology and Advanced thought . . . in a manner both original and comprehensive." Contributions by or excerpts from Maurice Maeterlinck, Edgar L. Larkin, Julia Seton Sears, Alexander J. McIvor-Tyndall, Frederic W. Burry, Eugene Del Mar, Eleanor Kirk, George W. Carey, Grace M. Brown, William Colby-Cooper, Eleanor Kirk, Lucy E. Adams, et al. LOC; NYPL.

Issues:The Balance V1 N2 Nov 1905

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