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Periodical: Astrology -- The Astrologers Quarterly

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

The Astrologers' Quarterly. Issued under the Auspices of the Astrological Lodge of London and Devoted to the Study of Astrology in all its Branches.
1926--1992 Quarterly
London, England. Publisher: London Lodge. Editor: Charles E.O. Carter, B.A.
Corporate author: Organ of the Astrological Lodge of London
1/1, 1926-1992. 54 pp., 4/6 a year/$1.25 a year.

Carter (1887-1968) was a barrister. He edited this journal from its founding until 1959, was the second president of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society (succeeding Alan Leo) and serving as head of the lodge until 1952, and was author of numerous books on astrology. The web page devoted to his work calls him "the greatest astrologer of the twentieth century." The journal attempted to be non-doctrinal, open to all opinions, and contained articles by B. Saxon Snell, L. Protheroe Smith, the unknown "Ykraamis," Mabel Baudot, H.E. Harvey, and others, and announced the meetings and doings of the Astrological Lodge. Advertised in L'Astrosophie, February 1930, and December 1939, which describes it as "devoted entirely to the study of Astrology and the considerations of astrological problems. Suitable for the beginner and the advanced student." Table of contents for the journal compiled by Philip Graves for issues between 1929 and 1950 can be found at ZDB: Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol.

Issues:Astrology V6 N1 Mar 1932
Astrology V8 N4 Dec 1934
Astrology V9 N2 Jun 1935
Astrology V13 N3 Sep 1939
Astrology V10 N1 Mar 1936
Astrology V14 N1 Mar 1940
Astrology V14 N2 Jun 1940
Astrology V14 N3 Sep 1940
Astrology V14 N4 Dec 1940
Astrology V15 N2 Jun 1941
Astrology V15 N4 Dec 1941
Astrology V16 N2 Jun 1942
Astrology V16 N4 Dec 1942
Astrology V17 N1 Mar 1943
Astrology V17 N2 Jun 1943
Astrology V17 N3 Sep 1943
Astrology V17 N4 Dec 1943
Astrology V18 N4 Dec 1944
Astrology V19 N3 Sep 1945

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