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Periodical: Astrological Magazine (India)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Astrological Magazine, The.
Contains Birthday Information and Daily Advice.
1895--2008 Monthly
Bangalore, then Madras, India. Publisher: Raman Publications. Editor: B. Suryanaran Row, B.A., M.R.A.S., F.R.H.S., etc; Prof. B.V. Raman, M.D.

1/1, April 1895-2008. Rs. 4-6, $2.00 a year. Suryanaran Row was the reviver of astrology in India on a "scientific" basis acceptable to Westerners, and the founder of the journal. His grandson B.V. Rahman restarted the journal in 1936 after a hiatus and edited it for 62 years. He died in 1998 and the journal ended in 2007 although it continues in digital form. The journal proclaimed its concentration on Jataka (predictive astrology), mundane astrology, muhurtha (electional astrology) and prasna (horary predictions). Advertised in The Metaphysical Magazine, December 1901, The Occult and Biological Journal, 1902. The advertisement in Journal of Ayurveda, 1932, says that it contained "the most interesting and instructive articles on Astrology, Astronomy, Medicine, Yoga, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Chronology, Palmistry, etc., now in its 20th volume -- the only Journal in the World." The same advertisement also noted: "Exchanges solicited from Periodicals" -- a revealing indication that content took a secondary position to advertising revenue. LOC.

Issues:Astrological Magazine NS V18 1953
Astrological Magazine NS V23 1959

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