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Periodical: The Astrologer's Magazine

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Astrologer's Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany, The.
1793-1797 Monthly
London, England. Publisher: Printed by W. Locke.
Succeeds: Conjuror's Magazine
3/1, August 1793-1797. 36-48 pp., 4 x 8. 1 s. an issue (a price the journal contrasted with the (L)24 subscribers paid for Lavater’s work that it was publishing serially).

Continues numbering of Conjuror's Magazine. Illustrated. The journal included questions and answers on a variety of topics and notes on astrology, Lavater's physiognomy, the power of the devil over human bodies, Swedenborg's nativity, palmistry, prophecies, properties of mercury, "rising Greatness of the American States," animal magnetism, Nostradamus, and witches. It also contained a series on "First Principles of Occult Philosophy" and an article "On Intolerance in Religion and Politics." The catalogue for the Harry Price Library indicates that the journal ran through May 1797, number 46. University of London, Harry Price Library; NYPL; Bodleian microfilm; Northwestern University; LOC.

Issues:Astrologers Magazine V3 Index 1793-4
Astrologers Magazine V3 N1 1793 Aug
Astrologers Magazine V3 N2 1793 Sep
Astrologers Magazine V3 N3 1793 Oct
Astrologers Magazine V3 N4 1793 Nov
Astrologers Magazine V3 N5 1793 Dec
Astrologers Magazine V4 N6 1794 Jan

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