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Periodical: Arya

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

A Philosophical Review.
1914--1921 Monthly
Pondicherry, India. Publisher: Modern Press / Imprimerie Moderne. Editor: Sri Aurobindo Ghose and Mirra and Paul Richard.
1/1, August 1914-January 1921. 64 pp., 6 Rs. 77 issues. The title is given in Sanskrit.

This was a philosophical journal published in India in English and French by Mirra Alfassa (la Mere), formerly a disciple of Max Theon and student of the Tradition Cosmique, and her husband Paul Richard and Sri Aurobindo. The journal's stated purpose, set out in each issue, was twofold: "1. A systematic study of the problems of existence; 2. The formation of a vast Synthesis of knowledge, harmonising the diverse religious traditions of humanity occidental as well as oriental. Its methods will be that of a realism, at once rational and transcendental, -- a realism consisting in the unification of intellectual and scientific disciplines with those of intuitive experience." In practice, the journal principally published the works of Aurobindo, which were serialized in the journal as they were written. It was continued by Aurobindo and the Richards after the Richards departed for France in 1915, and for a short time after Mirra returned to India in 1920. Seven issues of a French edition of the journal, under the name Revue de Grande Synth├Ęse, were published before Richard was recalled to France during the First World War. University of Washington Libraries; NYPL; Columbia University; Princeton University; Yale University; University of Pennsylvania; etc.

Issues:Arya V1 1914
Arya V2 1915-1916
Arya V3 1916-1917
Arya V4 1917-1918
Arya V6 1919-1920
Arya V7 1920-1921

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