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Periodical: Arohn

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

A Quarterly Journal of Esoterics, Gnosis, Christian Mysticism and Philosophy.
1978 Quarterly
Burlington, WA. Publisher: Holy Order of the Rose and Cross. Editor: Bishop Edward C. Sullivan, editor; Fr. Jeffrey A. Isbrandtsen, managing editor.
1/1, 1978. 118 pp., $8.00-$10.00 a year, or included in the $35.00 a year membership dues.

The title of the journal is the Hebrew word for "Ark." This was the organ of the Holy Order of the Rose and Cross (HORC), "an esoteric religious order of Catholics." This was an offshoot of the Liberal Catholic Church and like many similar organizations claiming to be "independently Catholic" it was preoccupied with demonstrating its bona fide Apostolic Succession, in the case of HORC from the Church of Antioch. The Order also claimed descent from the Ecclesia Gnostica of "Papus" and Jean Bricaud. The journal carried articles on Jacob Boehme; the symbolism and meaning of the liturgy; kabbalah; Aleister Crowley and the "Thelemite Church" (and their lack of genuine Apostolic Succession); the quest for a world religion (as envisioned by Bishop C.W. Leadbeater); Pico della Mirandola; women in the episcopate; "The Unified Theory of Chiropractic"; etc., and "News in the Church," on the activities of various associated ecclesiastics and churches. The Order also published its own Prayer Book and histories of the Church of Antioch and reprinted Rosicrucian books by W.W. Westcott and Frater Khei (George W. Plummer). National Library of Australia; University of California, Santa Barbara; Fuller Theological Seminary Library; Harvard University; San Diego State University; etc.

Issues:Arohn V4 N3 1982

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