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Periodical: Ariel

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revista para los Individuos Libres de Prejuicios y que Piensan, o que Aspiran a Serlo y se Superan / Publicación Mensual de Estudios Vitales del Ser Humano (apolitico ab religioso) /Organo de Difusion Cultural y Espiritual
Manziales, then Pereira, Colombia. Language: Spanish. Publisher: Sociedad Academica de Estudios Esotericos. Editor: Nicasio Perdomo G., Isidoro Matiz; Elias Zuluaga H., Aparicio Sierra; Angel Rojas Viana; Dr. M. Londono Marin, Juan J. Fernandez.
Corporate author: Organo Oficial de la Sociedad Academica de Estudios Esotericos / Organo Oficial de la Union Espiritual Universal y de la Universidad Espiritual de Colombia (1944- )1/1, April 1938-May 1947(?) 6 1/2 x 9. 8-40 pp., $1.00 (Colombian) a year.

This unsuspected gem was devoted to propagating the wisdom of Prince OM [or Omar] Cherenzi Lind (1902?-1969?), Spiritual Director of the Great White Universal Brotherhood, Head of the Order of the Swan, Cardinal Primate for America of the Universal Gnostic Church, Professor at the Universidad Espiritual (founded, he said, in 1888), and head of the Institucion Rosa-Cruz Universal and of the Universal Spiritual Union (of Los Angeles, California, Havana, Cuba, and Manziales, Colombia). He was also, as he claimed, the Master Koot Hoomi, reborn in China in 1902 in his final incarnation on this plane and promoted to the rank of Maha Chohan. According to his "Biografia," published together with his photograph in the Christmas 1941 issue, Cherenzi Lind was born in 1902 in Darjeeling, studied in various places in Tibet, assumed the command of all Buddhists in Siam in 1912, was made a Grand Duke of Imperial Russia the next year, and directed the Grand Assembly of Agartha in "Lob Nor, Tibet" in 1917. Thereafter he studied in Heidelberg and at the University of Vienna, dwelled on the steppes of Central Asia, Mongolia and Tartary from 1922 to 1925 (when, it should be noted, Baron von Ungern Sternberg, another disciple of Agartha, was rallying the White Russian forces in the same areas), and then "pursued his studies" until 1941. In 1927, he said, he took Cuban citizenship. Ariel vaguely hints at persecutions that led Cherenzi Lind to Colombia, but whatever the cause once there he began to spread his teachings through the Spiritual University, an institution with branches in Havana and in Los Angles. The curriculum, described on the back cover of the journal in the early years was "Magia Sexual. Curso de Estudios," offered to students for a tuition of $2.00 (Colombian) a month.

"El Amor es primordialmente una realidad Espiritual, y la función genesica una dinámica de energias susceptibles de trasformarse bajo el imperio de la Mente. Esto se llama MAGIA SEXUAL o ALQUIMIA PSICOGENESICA." (2/12-13, May-June 1940).

Whatever the details of this practice (it seems to have promised instantaneous results and to have included "sublimation" and mantras), Cherenzi Lind's claims both on sexual magic and on his Rosicrucian antecedents led him into conflict with Arnoldo Krumm Heller, especially when he recruited for his organization Israel Rojas Romero, the head of Krumm Heller's Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua in Colombia. Krumm Heller called Cherenzi Lind a black tantric magician and Lind returned the favor by suggesting that Krumm Heller was part of a Nazi propaganda bureau in Spain--devoting the cover of Ariel for August 1941 to a cross (the Rosy Cross, no doubt) embellished with angled pieces of wood to form a swastika and labeled "simbolo de barbarie." Samael Aun Weor, a Colombian and another person with some expertise in the area of sexual magic though he had broken with Krumm Heller, also condemned Cherenzi Lind: "I knew the tenebrous and tantric sexual magic that Mr. Cherenzi and Mr. Parsival (both black magicians) are preaching. I saw this black tantrism being performed by all the black magicians of Atlantis. This is why the continent of Atlantis was submerged among great cataclysms." (Igneus Rose) The "Parsival" included in the condemnation is Krumm Heller's son Parzival. Cherenzi Lind also published in Why in New Orleans (q.v.), and may have had some connection with the editor, Isolina Hafford. Elsie Sanders, listed as the Los Angeles contact for the Universidad Spiritual, at least existed since she wrote a book (El que Viene, Pereira, 1942) announcing the coming of the Master (i.e., Cherenzi Lind). Little more is known about Cherenzi Lind: he was one of the teachers of Robert Ernest Dickhoff (another Agartha proponent) and was associated with Maurice Braive, yet another sexual magician (mentioned in Pierre Geyraud's L'occultisme à Paris (Paris 1953)). In 1947 he was responsible for the jailing in France of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on charges of rape (Aivanhov's followers later said Cherenzi Lind had hypnotized the girls to make the charges). On these later escapades, see Andre Wautlier, Dictionnaire des Gnostiques ed des Principaux Inities (online at Cherenzi Lind also had a hand in Cosmic Voice, Why, and Spiritual Renaissance. NYPL; LOC.

Issues:Ariel V2 N8 1939 Nov
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Ariel V11 N53 1947 May

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