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Periodical: Anubis (Voisin)

From Pat Deveney's database: Anubis.
The Occult News and Review.
The Watcher before the Gods
Other titles: The Occult News and Review
1902--1903 Quarterly, then monthly
London, England. Editor: Florence L.J. Voisin.
Succeeds: Occult Literary News and Review Succeeded by: Out of the Silence
1/1, April 1902-1/12, May 1903.
2s. 4d. a year; individual issues sixpience (sevenpence post free).

This was the revival of Voison's Occult Literary News and Review in a new garb. The advertisement for the journal in Adiramled, July 1902, says that the journal "contains articles by leading English and American Occultists on al branches of Esoteric Science, Astrology and Vedanta Philosophy." It contained excerpts from Hargrave Jennings and from Gale's English version of Iamblichus's "Concerning the Mysteries" as modified and with notes by "Comte MacGregor de Glenstrae (S.L. MacGregor-Mather, Head of the Order of the G.D., and of the Egyptian Mysteries." His wife, Moina, also contributed, as did "Frater Respiro" (Edmund William Berridge, 1843-1923) of the G.D, both under his own name and his name in the G.D. It also contained an article by John F. Morgan on his initiation in 1890 into Olney Richmond's Temple of the Magi (in which was imparted wisdom received by Richmond in the magic mirror from brothers on the planet Mars), recounting the lectures given to the group by the omnipresent Prof. C.H.A. Bjerregaard of the Astor Library, and by Edward Blitz of the Martinists, William Tomlinson of the Chicago Esoteric Extension, "Cheiro," et al.i There were contributions by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Holden Edward Sampson ("Light," 1859-1926), Swami Vivekananda (with a photograph), "Omnia Vincit Amor," W.J. Colville, Heinrich Däath, et al. Sampson's work was later published by Peter Davidson, former Provincial Grand Master of the North of the H.B. of L., as The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Great Master of the Cross and the Serpent (Loudsville, GA: P. Davidson; Newcastle-on-Tyne, England: J. Walsh, 1904). The journal also carried extensive book reviews of the standard New Thought authors of the period, most notably, J.C.F. Grumbine, who advertised heavily in the journal. The editor carried full-page advertisements for and regularly praised William Heald's Chromoscopy Rainbow League ("To deal with the important affairs of each Member's Life from Colours, Numbers, Lines") of which she was a member. Other than this and what can be gleaned from the general unfocused occult tone of the journal, little is known of Florence Lavinia Jane Voisin (1867-1922), besides her birth in Jersey. Listed in F. Leigh Gardner, A Catalogue Raisonne of Works on the Occult Sciences, Vol. 1, Rosicrucian Books (London: Privately Printed, 1903), and advertised in New Man, May 1902. BL.

Issues:Anubis V1 Index 1902-3
Anubis V1 N1 Apr 1902
Anubis V1 N2 Jul 1902
Anubis V1 N3 Aug 1902
Anubis V1 N4 Sep 1902
Anubis V1 N5 Oct 1902
Anubis V1 N6 Nov 1902
Anubis V1 N7 Dec 1902
Anubis V1 N8 Jan 1903
Anubis V1 N9 Feb 1903
Anubis V1 N10 Mar 1903
Anubis V1 N11 Apr 1903
Anubis V1 N12 May 1903

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