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Periodical: The Anti-Mesmerist

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Anti-Mesmerist, the.
The earth has Bubbles, as the water hath, and these are of them -- Shakespeare
1844--1845 Weekly, then monthly
London, England.
Editor: James Quilter Rumball.
1/1, May 18, 1844- 1/10, February 15, 1845.
8 pp., 3d.-6d. a copy.

This was the work of James Quilter Rumball (1795-1872), a phrenologist, surgeon, author of The Mother’s Monitor, or Nursery Errors (1829), and medical attendant at his family’s lunatic asylum (where patients lived with his family). He was most notably a phrenologist, although of a somewhat idiosyncratic bent -- he counted 39 phrenological organs in contrast to the 35 organs in George Combe’s orthodox lists. This journal was intended initially as a shortlived series of short articles in opposition to the mesmeric pretensions of Dr. Elliotson, proposed to be replaced after a few months by London Monthly Phrenological Magazine, which never saw the light. Rumball’s contempt for mesmerism focused on the exposure of popular demonstrations of its wonders, insensibility to pain, clairvoyance, and the like. The journal was intended to cease with no. 9 in September 1844, but Rumball produced a tenth number in February of the next year because "impositions so public and so palpable have been attempted and detected, that we feel called upon to spread them far and wide." Harvard University; University of Minnesota.

Anti-mesmerist N1 May 18 1844
Anti-mesmerist N2 May 25 1844
Anti-mesmerist N3 Jun 1 1844
Anti-mesmerist N4 Jun 8 1844
Anti-mesmerist N5 Jun 15 1844
Anti-mesmerist N6 Jun 22 1844
Anti-mesmerist N7 Jun 29 1844
Anti-mesmerist N8 Jul 27 1844
Anti-mesmerist N9 Sep 28 1844
Anti-mesmerist N10 Feb 15 1845

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