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Periodical: Annali dello Spiritismo in Italia

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Annali dello Spiritismo in Italia, Gli.
Rassegna psicologica di Niceforo Filalete / Rassegna psicologica di Psicologia Sperimentale.
He who, outside of the domain of pure mathematics, asserts that anything is impossible, lacks prudence -- Arago
1864--1898 Bimonthly, monthly
Turin, Italy. Language: Italian. Publisher: Società Torinese di Studi Spiritici.
Corporate author: Societa Torinese di Studi Spiritici
1/1, January 1864-December 1898. 12 francs, 32 pp.

First major Italian spiritualist journal, and one which from the beginning placed itself firmly under the aegis of the spiritism of Allan Kardec. See "Notices bibliographiques," Revue Spirite 7/3 (March 1864), 94. As the journal progressed, it was careful to say that its pages were freely available to spiritualists of all beliefs, and the journal came increasingly to include articles on articles on reincarnation generally, the Count of Saint-Germain, free thought, the power of suggestion, etc. It featured a Cronaca of current events (the Fox Sisters' confessions of fraud, the Summerland colony in California, etc.), and widely borrowed excerpts from the leading European, British and American journals. Contributions by Carl du Prel, Jose Amigo y Pellicer, at others. Filalete (Vincenzo Scarpa) was a high-school teacher (tutor of the king's son), prominent Freemason and the one-time secretary of Cavour. He was also a medium himself and mediated the spirits of a variety of Italian notables. LOC; Harvard; Brown University; ; Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna; Biblioteca. Universita Cattolica del S. Cuore; Biblioteca di Studi Umanistici. Sezione di Antropologia; Biblioteca della Pontificia Universita Salesiana.

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