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Periodical: Ancient Wisdom

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Ancient Wisdom.
A Monthly Devoted to Teaching Theosophical and Occult Truths / Official Publication of the Theosophical Society of St. Louis.
Theosophy Gives Intelligent Answers to Intelligent Questions
1935--1966? Monthly
St. Louis, MO. Publisher: Ancient Wisdom Press; Theosophical Society of St. Louis. Editor: L.W. Rogers; Charles E. Luntz.
1/1, March 1935--1966(?) $3.00 a year (1966). 8 1/2 x 14 folded newsletter.

This was a Theosophical journal edited by L.W. Rogers in its first two years. Rogers announced the discontinuance of the journal with the issue for February 1937, but it endured into the 1960s under the editorship of Luntz (1890-1971), a British-born Theosophist and astrologer, who combined discussions of the current Theosophical internecine squabbles with astrological observations and lessons. He was a leader of the St. Louis Theosophical Society, into which he introduced, over the fears of the Society at large, an astrological school in 1924, and later initiated similar schools in other lodges of the Society. Contributions by Luntz, Geoffrey Hodgson, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Fred Morgan, et al. The Statement of Ownership for 1965 says that the paid circulation was 1765 -- a claim that may rest on the fact that Luntz send each member of the Theosophical Society in America a free copy of the journal. On Luntz's retirement from the journal it became the lodge newsletter of the Society in St. Louis. University of California, Los Angeles; Yale University; Missouri Historical Society; Theosophical Society in America; St. Louis Public Library; Association for Research and Enlightenment; University of Texas, Austin.

Issues:Ancient Wisdom V8 N1 Mar 1942
Ancient Wisdom V8 N2 Apr 1942
Ancient Wisdom V8 N6 Aug 1942
Ancient Wisdom V8 N11 Jan 1943
Ancient Wisdom V9 N3 May 1943
Ancient Wisdom V9 N6 Aug 1943
Ancient Wisdom V9 N7 Sep 1943
Ancient Wisdom V9 N8 Oct 1943
Ancient Wisdom V9 N9 Nov 1943
Ancient Wisdom V9 N10 Dec 1943
Ancient Wisdom V9 N11 Jan 1944
Ancient Wisdom V10 N3 May 1944
Ancient Wisdom V16 N11 Jan 1951
Ancient Wisdom V17 N8 Oct 1951
Ancient Wisdom V17 N9 Nov 1951
Ancient Wisdom V17 N11 Jan 1952
Ancient Wisdom V17 N12 Feb 1952
Ancient Wisdom V18 N1 Mar 1952
Ancient Wisdom V18 N2 Apr 1952
Ancient Wisdom V18 N4 Jun 1952
Ancient Wisdom V18 N5 Jul 1952
Ancient Wisdom V18 N6 Aug 1952
Ancient Wisdom V18 N8 Oct 1952
Ancient Wisdom V18 N8 Oct 1952 Supplement
Ancient Wisdom V18 N9 Nov 1952
Ancient Wisdom V18 N10 Dec 1952
Ancient Wisdom V18 N11 Jan 1953
Ancient Wisdom V18 N12 Feb 1953
Ancient Wisdom V21 N5 Jul 1955
Ancient Wisdom V21 N6 Aug 1955
Ancient Wisdom V21 N7 Sep 1955
Ancient Wisdom V21 N8 Oct 1955
Ancient Wisdom V21 N9 Nov 1955
Ancient Wisdom V21 N10 Dec 1955
Ancient Wisdom V28 N9 Nov 1962
Ancient Wisdom V28 N11 Jan 1963
Ancient Wisdom V56 N4 Sep-oct 1990
Ancient Wisdom V56 N6 Jan-feb 1991
Ancient Wisdom V57 N1 Mar-apr 1991
Ancient Wisdom V57 N2 May-jun 1991
Ancient Wisdom V57 N3 Jul-aug 1991
Ancient Wisdom V57 N4 Sep-oct 1991

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