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Periodical: Alliance Spiritualiste

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Alliance Spiritualiste, L'.
Pour l'action spiritualiste generale par la cooperation des ecoles autonomes.
Other titles: La Synthese Morale, Intellectuelle, Sociale / La Synthese / L'Etoile. Revue mensuelle, religion, science / Mysteria / Les Petites Annales / La Resurrection 1910--1918 Bimonthly, monthly, then quarterly
Paris, then Marseilles, France. Language: French. Editor: Albert Jounet, Mme Jeanne Beauchamp. Succeeded by: La Synthese Morale, Intellectuelle, Sociale
1/1, 1910-1918. 32 pp., 7 Fr.

This was the organ of the Alliance Spiritualiste, which sought to be a "neutral ground" among the warring sects of spiritualism at the time. It was founded by Jeanne Beauchamp, Louis Le Leu, and Jounet (who earlier had been involved in L'Etoile and other journals in the dispute over the priorities of Christian and oriental occultism), and became over time simply another journal of psychical research, attracting Hereward Carrington, Henri Durville, Oswald Wirth, A. de Rochas, and others. In 1913 the Alliance entertained Abdoul Baha Abbas at one of its conferences and for a time dallied with Bahaism. The journal was consolidated after World War I with a bewildering variety of journals, including Mysteria, into La Synthese Morale, Intellectuelle, Sociale, but the combined journal still failed by the end of 1918. BNF.

Issues:Alliance Spiritualiste 1913 N1-8 Jan-aug

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